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Friday, April 22

8:30am EDT

9:00am EDT

Early College HSB 202 Does Financial Aid Affect Tuition? HSB 201 Does mandating high school finance courses affect college student debt? HSB 201 Does Skipping or Repeating a Grade Affect Self-Assessed Intelligence? HSB 201 Effectiveness of Supplemental Instruction in a Statistics Course HSB 201 Condom Embarrassment, Self-Efficacy, and Acquisition among College Students HSB 211 Long Distance Romantic Relationship Influence on Stress and Relationship Satisfaction HSB 211 Purpose of Life Through Sex HSB 211 Sex Ed. and Causal Attitudes towards Rape and Sexual Assault HSB 211 A Short-term Study on the Effects of Greywater Use on Ornamental Cabbage Growth, Soil Quality and Groundwater Quality HSB 207 Corn As A Drinking Water Purification Method and Medium HSB 207 Determination of Fluoride Levels in Mouthwash and Tap Water HSB 207 Monitoring Surface Water of Lake Sinclair in Georgia HSB 207 Francis Tarwater and Free Will in Flannery O'Connor's The Violent Bear It Away HSB 209 Next of Kin: An Exhibition of Ben Reynold's Photography HSB 209 The Culture of Meat Consumption: An Analysis of the Attitudes and Perceptions toward Meat through Surveys and GIS HSB 209 “Where You Come From is Gone”: Hazel Motes’s Mother in John Huston’s Wise Blood HSB 209 'The Little Toy Wife Erased': Posthumous Editorial Silence and Textual Issues with Sylvia Plath’s Ariel HSB 300 Bruce Bechdel's Legacy HSB 300 The Strange and Unusual Pattern of Tim Burton HSB 300 Understanding Art as Transformation: Julie Taymor as Adaptor and Auteur HSB 300 Classification Trees, Regularized Regression, and Peer Tutoring HSB 304 Parental Attribution in Relation to Teacher Ratings of Children’s Aggressive Behavior HSB 304 Student Engagement and Academic Success in a Summer Bridge Program: Exploring the Impact of Parental Education HSB 304 The Relationship Between Parental Attributions and Child Anxiety HSB 304

10:15am EDT

An Exploration of The Great Speckled Bird and Federal, State, and Local Government Harassment. HSB 304 Dada Sound Poetry HSB 304 Printed Propaganda in the Holy Roman Empire: Albrecht Dürer’s Triumphal Arch of Maximilian I HSB 304 Butterflies and Blacksmiths: The Grand Allegory in “The Artist of the Beautiful” HSB 300 Content Analysis of political satire and parody of the 2012 and 2016 elections HSB 300 Reclaiming American Soil: Thomas Hart Benton’s The Apple of Discord and Consumerism in Post-War America HSB 300 The Mathematical Errors of 'A Modest Proposal' HSB 300 Does European Union Membership Affect Levels of Corruption? HSB 201 Does Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Affect Hate Crime Rates? HSB 201 Does Police Militarization Affect Civilian Deaths? HSB 201 Further Analysis of Unalterable Roots: The Life of Rachel Adams HSB 202 Literate Lamars: Uncovering the Ruins of Fairfield Plantation HSB 202 Oral History Interviews: Civil Rights Struggles in Putnam County HSB 202 Unalterable Roots: Joel Chandler Harris and Alice Walker HSB 202 Cowboys, Tattoos, and Freakery: an Analysis of Assimilation and Personhood in Melville's Typee HSB 211 I Have Painted Myself: Catharina van Hemessen’s Self Portrait HSB 211 The Vitality of Harem Women in the Mughal Empire HSB 211 Warning of Vice: The Idle Servant in A Girl with a Broom from the Rembrandt Workshop HSB 211 Comparative Capacities of Kaolin Products for Sorption of Gram-Negative Bacteria HSB 207 Comparative Capacities of Kaolin Products for Sorption of Gram-Positive Bacteria HSB 207 Impact of Coastal Dredging on Bacterial Communities and Biological Contamination of Intertidal Oakdale Creek (Sapelo Island, GA) HSB 207 Methods of Determination of the Binding Site of Adenovirus E4 ORF3 and Ddx6 HSB 207 China’s Economic Transformation: How Domestic Institutional Actors Drove Economic Reform HSB 209 The Double Edged Sword of ISIL: Americas Failed Foreign Policy to Respond to the Growing Caliphate HSB 209 The National Spirit of Persia: Iranian Nationalism and Persian Identity in 19th and 20th century Iran HSB 209 UNITA’s Insurgent Struggle for a Free Angola: Blurring the Lines between State and Non-State Actors HSB 209

11:30am EDT

Algal community recovery from thermal pollution in Lake Sinclair, Georgia 3rd Floor Commons An Investigation Into the Water Quality and the Effects of Clear Cutting on a Freshwater Stream 3rd Floor Commons Application of New Low-Cost Technology for 2d-Flow Bound Resonance Method for Measurement of Fluid Flow 3rd Floor Commons Basins of Attraction for a Predator-Prey Model 3rd Floor Commons Betta Fish Color Discrimination Learning in a Plus-Shaped Maze 3rd Floor Commons Body Composition Changes After a Bout of Submaximal Cycle Exercise in a Healthy Population 3rd Floor Commons Caddisflies of Central Georgia 3rd Floor Commons Central State: Uncovered 3rd Floor Commons Deriving a Star Formation Rate Control Sample for Major-Merger Galaxy Pairs 3rd Floor Commons Development of an Organic Laboratory Experiment: An Old School Characterization of Ketones and Aldehydes 3rd Floor Commons Differential Diagnosis, Surgery, and Return to Play in a College Football Player after a Fracture of the Fifth Metatarsal 3rd Floor Commons Differentiated Instruction For Visual, Audio, and Kinesthetic Learners 3rd Floor Commons DNA extraction of the Atlantic Sand Fiddler Crab 3rd Floor Commons Eastern Screech-Owl Populations Respond To Climate Change. 3rd Floor Commons Efficacy vs. Efficiency: Time Management in Nursing 3rd Floor Commons Efficiency of CdTe solar panels 3rd Floor Commons Empathetic Response Differences in Same-Race Versus Other-Race 3rd Floor Commons Impact of Target Socioeconomic Status on Perceptions of Adolescent Offenders 3rd Floor Commons Light Wavelength Discrimination in Betta Splendens: An Exploratory Study 3rd Floor Commons Molecular Docking Studies of Novel Flavonoid Derivatives as Dual Binding Site Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors 3rd Floor Commons Molecular Identification of Prey from a Maternity Colony of Brazilian Free-tailed Bat (Tadarida Brasiliensis) in Lamar County, Georgia 3rd Floor Commons Perceptions of Adolescents with Physical Disabilities 3rd Floor Commons Perceptions of Race, Gender, and sexuality via social media profiles 3rd Floor Commons Prevalence of Brucella suis, Campylobacter jejuni, E. coli O157:H7, and Yersinia enterocolitica in Georgia's Feral Pig Communities 3rd Floor Commons Quantitative identification of volatile organic compounds and free base nicotine present in electronic-cigarette vapor via GC/MS detection 3rd Floor Commons Right Tibiofemoral Joint Injury in a High School Athlete: A Case Report of a Post-Surgical Quarterback and Pitcher 3rd Floor Commons Searching for and categorizing Star Forming Regions in Merging Galaxies. 3rd Floor Commons Skeletal Variation within Gray Squirrels from Putnam County, Georgia 3rd Floor Commons Strategies to Challenge Compassion Fatigue in Oncology Nursing 3rd Floor Commons Synthesis of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors from Novel Flavonoid Derivatives for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease 3rd Floor Commons Synthesis of Alpha, Beta Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids and Their Transformation to Cyclobutane Derivatives Using Solid State Reactions 3rd Floor Commons Synthesis, Purification, and Characterization of the Wonder Drug, Aspirin 3rd Floor Commons Tactile Based Learning With the Georgia Academy for the Blind 3rd Floor Commons The Development of a Retina Controlled Prosthetic Device for Human Augmentation 3rd Floor Commons The Diversity of Parasitic Worms Harbored by Feral Pigs in Georgia 3rd Floor Commons The Feasibility of a Bladeless Wind Turbine Design 3rd Floor Commons The Relationship Between Self-Perceived Stress and Total Body Water in College Students 3rd Floor Commons Unified P.E. - Winning in More Ways than One 3rd Floor Commons Using an Atomic Molecular Optics Laboratory for Undergraduate Research and Mentoring of Physics Students in Georgia 3rd Floor Commons Using Yoga in the Classroom to Improve Mindfulness 3rd Floor Commons Visual Screening of Fluorescent Micrographs: Sec6-GFP Localization in S. Cerevisiae DAmP library 3rd Floor Commons What Role does Prion Research Play in the Management of Chronic Wasting Disease? 3rd Floor Commons Mid-Conference Reception 3rd Floor Commons

12:15pm EDT

Analyzing the Kinetics of a Bromophenol Blue Solution in a pH Dependent Reaction 3rd Floor Commons Breaking Bad: Aspirin Edition 3rd Floor Commons Description of a Pathologic White-tailed Deer Mandible from Central Georgia 3rd Floor Commons Design and characterization of a sol-gel glucose biosensor 3rd Floor Commons Determination of the Binding Site of Adenovirus E4Orf3 and Ddx6 3rd Floor Commons Determination of Zinc, Copper, and Iron in Multivitamin/multimineral Tablets 3rd Floor Commons Down Syndrome - It's Only an Extra Chromosome 3rd Floor Commons Educating Students with Autism in America and England 3rd Floor Commons Effects of Induced Mindfulness on Attention Regulation 3rd Floor Commons Effort Actions in Life 3rd Floor Commons Electronic Health Record: The Superior Documentation 3rd Floor Commons Estrogen Degradation: An 1H-NMR Study 3rd Floor Commons Exploring Possible Factors of Completion of a Wilderness Therapy Program for Substance Use Disorder 3rd Floor Commons Eye Tracking Examination of the Confirmation Bias 3rd Floor Commons Identification of novel interactors of SEC6 via genetic suppressor screen using a Saccharomyces cerevisiae genomic DNA library 3rd Floor Commons Identification of volatile organic compounds present in cigarette smoke via purge-n-trap coupled with GC/MS 3rd Floor Commons Identifying the Binding site of Adenovirus E4ORF3 on Cellular Protein Ddx6 3rd Floor Commons Insight into Effects of Catalysts in the Synthesis of Aspirin at Varying Temperatures 3rd Floor Commons Is the water safe? Analysis of water near a superfund site 3rd Floor Commons Kinetics of Crystal Violet Color Fading Experiment via a Small Footprint Diode Array Spectrometer 3rd Floor Commons Mindfulness and Cognition 3rd Floor Commons Models Involving Interactions between Predator and Prey Populations 3rd Floor Commons Non-Toxic Resist Screen Printing 3rd Floor Commons Paleopathology Present in Late Pleistocene Giant Bison Found in Coastal Georgia 3rd Floor Commons PCR-Detection of pathogenic Escherichia coli strains carried by Feral Swine in Georgia 3rd Floor Commons Preconception and Pregnancy Weight Management in Women of Childbearing Age: A Review of the Literature 3rd Floor Commons Presuming Competence in ESOL Students 3rd Floor Commons Progress Towards the Synthesis of A Novel Trifluoromethyl Substituted Aurone As A Promising Inhibitor of Cyclooxygenase-2 Activity 3rd Floor Commons Refinement of Production Grade Biodiesel 3rd Floor Commons Refocusing Students with ADHD 3rd Floor Commons Strategies to Decrease the Risk of Heroin Abuse in Patients Undergoing Opioid Analgesic Therapy 3rd Floor Commons Taphonomic Analysis of Bison latifrons Fossils from Pleistocene Deposits in Brunswick, GA 3rd Floor Commons The Affects of Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils 3rd Floor Commons The Amount of Oxalate in Luzianne's Black Tea 3rd Floor Commons The comparison of levels of eutrophication of surface water in lakes in Georgia and Maine using HACH and YSI surface water kits 3rd Floor Commons The Effects Of Acute Lower Extremity Injuries On Balance In Females Ages 18-25 3rd Floor Commons The Effects of Colored Lights on Instrumental Learning in Female Betta Fish 3rd Floor Commons Towards the Synthesis of Azobenzene Dicarboxylic Acid Derivatives for the Preparation of Novel Microporous Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) 3rd Floor Commons Using GIS to analyze the factors influencing roadkills in Baldwin County, GA 3rd Floor Commons Using HPLC to Determine a Drug's Ability to Permeate the Blood-Brain-Barrier 3rd Floor Commons Using Yoga In The Classroom To Improve Mindfulness 3rd Floor Commons UV-Visible Spectra of Various Colored Inks 3rd Floor Commons What are the Effects of Music Genre on Perceived Exercise Intensity in an Aerobic Exercise Bout in Female Collegiate Athletes? 3rd Floor Commons

1:15pm EDT

A study on the 2016 presidential candidates' advertisements and how the public responds HSB 209 An Analysis of 2016 Republican Candidate's Tweets and Responses HSB 209 How Do 2016 Presidential Candidates' Presence on Twitter Affect Their Campaigns? HSB 209 Polarization in the Primaries HSB 209 Do Private Prisons Affect Recidivism? HSB 201 Early College HSB 202 Does Comprehensive Sex Education Affect Sexual Health? HSB 201 Does Living in a Food Desert Have an Effect on Obesity Rates? HSB 201 Does Medicaid Affect the Unmarried Birth Rate in the United States? HSB 201 Does Uber Affect Vehicular Fatalities HSB 201 Analysis of urine organic acids via GC/MS-based Metabolomics to determine the effect of diet on urine composition HSB 207 Determination of Fluoride in Toothpaste HSB 207 Survival of Biological Contaminants in Tributaries of an Intertidal Oakdale Creek HSB 207 Using HPLC to Further Analyze Caffeine Content of Balckbird Coffee HSB 207 Ethnic Studies in American Higher Education: Tackling Issues of Inclusion HSB 304 Faith Ringgold’s Tar Beach 2 and Spiritual Pragmatism to Transcend Social Injustice HSB 304 The Danger in Dichotomies: Salvaging Discourse In and About Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness HSB 304 Does AimPoint have an Effect on Earnings on the PGA Tour? HSB 144 Does college basketball experience affect NBA performance? HSB 144 Does Money Affect Win Percentage in English Football? HSB 144 Does signing a free-agent contract affect player performance in Major League Baseball? HSB 144 Friends, Romans, and Englishmen in Oxford: Studies in Imperial Roman Art and the English Reformation HSB 211 How Does Johannes Vermeer Portray the Perfect City of Delft? HSB 211 The Architectural Design of Amsterdam's Seventeenth-Century Town Hall HSB 211 William the Silent HSB 211

2:30pm EDT

'History Has Him in Her Clutches': The Effect of Exile on the Literature of Emile Zola and Victor Hugo HSB 211 Flaubert and Romantic Realism HSB 211 Stendhal and Baudelaire HSB 211 Surrealism: The Art of the Unconscious HSB 211 Theatrical Themes: Jean-Antoine Watteau’s Pierrot in Rococo France HSB 211 Art History Exposed Through 3D Sculpture HSB 300 Chromatic Reverb by Susanna Starr HSB 300 Science and Fantasy in Veneziano’s The Witch’s Procession HSB 300 Tradition and Innovation Reconciled in Pygmalion and Galatea HSB 300 Emotional Appeal Types in Nonprofit Advertising HSB 304 Mapping the City of Eatonton Water System and Creating a GIS Databases for the Waterlines and Hydrants HSB 304 Trash: The Impact of Service Learning on Outdoor Education Students' Professional Philosophy HSB 304 When In Milly HSB 304 “Theatre as a Conversation: How to Talk to Students About the Hard Stuff” HSB 304 Comparing Detroit and Los Angeles: Common Issues and Different Results HSB 201 Do NFL Stadium Subsidies affect the Local Economy? HSB 201 Does Industry Diversification Affect Economic Growth HSB 201 Right to Work and Unemployment HSB 201 Volkswagen's Incentives: Does automotive regulation affect industry output? HSB 201 Media Bias in the 2016 Presidential Election HSB 209 Media Bias in the Presidential Election in Newspaper HSB 209 Political Bias Towards 2016 Presidential Candidates in Online Newspapers HSB 209 Presidential Election Coverage in Local and National Newspapers HSB 209 Effects of Enrichment on Impulsivity as Measured by a Delay Discounting Task with Adjusted Magnitudes HSB 207 Forensic Collection of Trace Chemicals from Glass Surfaces HSB 207 Studies on the Effectiveness of Sol-Gels in the Controlled Release of Fragrant Materials HSB 207 Synthesis of Aromatic alpha, beta-unsaturated Carboxylic Acids Using Green Knoevenagel Condensation HSB 207 Synthesis of Novel Flavonoid Derivatives as Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease HSB 207 Using Multi-Step Synthesis for the Production of Hydrogels with Adhesive Properties HSB 207